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AUCH's Nationally Recognized Safety Program

Our culture of safety has resulted in a second place ranking in the nationwide AGC-Willis Construction Safety Excellence Award, given for exemplary safety programs, records, and performance.

At AUCH we understand that safety is a cultural mindset and the safety of all of our workers, contractors, tradespeople, and occupants is our top priority. With much of our work being performed in occupied buildings we must be vigilant in maintaining a safe environment for students, patients, residents, teachers, nurses: anybody that comes in contact with our work sites.

Our site superintendents are our first line of defense. Their continual safety training, safe habits, and daily reviews of activities results in safe jobsites.

Proper planning and strong communication are key elements in achieving an accident-free workplace. The effectiveness of our safety program is demonstrated by our low EMR and industry safety awards.

Auch superintendent, project manager, and engineer on jobsite
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